Hounds & Heroes

Below are testimonies from veterans who have received their battle buddies from Hounds and Heroes. Images and biographies courtesy of Barbara Masi, founder of Hounds and Heroes.


"So 2 weeks ago, I am awoken at 4:20 in the morning to Stryker on the side of my bed whining and softly barking. I figure he needs to go out so I get up and take him for a walk, we go up and down the block and he doesn’t go. So I get frustrated and we go back home, I went to get back in bed and he wouldn’t let me he would whine and cry, so I decided to feed him, nope he didn’t want his food. So I went and sat on the couch and called him to jump up, he did and then proceeded to lean on me and not let me move out of the way. Well 2 hours later when my wife woke up she said I think he woke you up because you were about to have a night terror. She said I was tossing and turning moaning and starting to get bad when he came in and woke me up. We cannot thank you enough, Stryker has truly changed my and my family’s life."


These are testimonies from veterans and their family members about the impact that the service dog has with the soldier's PTSD. These testimonies were courtesy of Amy McCullough, Senior Research Advisor of American Humane which is the foundation that Pups4Patriots is based.


“Dear Lex, Never forget these words. You have done something for my dad that no human could ever do. You made him somebody I never thought he would be. You were that missing piece that no human could fill. You made him a full puzzle. The characteristics that you filled were courage, self-confidence, non-anxious and able to do more things. Thank you. 
Love, Breelyn”


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